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Vinatex responds to Vietnam Law Day


In implementation of the Decision No. 2537 / QD-BCT dated 04/7/2017 of the Ministry of Industry and Trade on the promulgation of the plan for implementing the "Day of Laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam" in 2017, Vietnam Textile and Garment Group (Vinatex) has guided the member units and all staffs to seriously implement the Law Day of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (9/11/2017).

Vietnam Law Day 2017 has the theme "Continuing to perfect the institution, improve the business environment, enhance national competitiveness and innovate; To raise the effectiveness of law enforcement, prevent and combat corruption, wastefulness, administrative reforms, remove obstacles and difficulties to accompany the people and enterprises. " The slogans responding to the Law Day of 2017 include: "Living and working in accordance with the Constitution and the law"; "Actively respond to the Law Day of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam"; "Actively learn the law, strictly observe the law is the responsibility of all citizens"; "Promote administrative reform to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of citizens and businesses"; "Perfecting the socialist-oriented market economy for the goal of prosperous people, strong country, democracy, justice and civilization"; "Improving institutions and policies, improving the efficiency of law enforcement; To create a favorable and equitable business and investment environment for people and enterprises "; "Strengthening legal dissemination and education to raise the sense of law observance and observance for officials and people"; "To build and perfect legal policies and support for start-ups, creating a favorable legal environment for enterprises" '; "Building a commune that meets legal standards is contributing to the construction of new rural areas"; "Promote reform of administrative procedures, enhance the application of information technology, ensure publicity, transparency, anti-harassment, negative."

Activities in response to Vinatex Law Day are focused on reviewing, amending and supplementing policies and regulations on investment, business, import and export. The policies of consulting, supporting the operation of units, improving the investment environment, production, business and protection of legitimate rights and interests of enterprises. Strengthening and disseminating new policies and regulations, reforming administrative procedures, enhancing the application of information technology in Vinatex's management. Education awareness and benefits of compliance, law enforcement, raising sense of responsibility of officials and employees. To work out specific solutions to further renew the contents and forms, and raise the efficiency of law dissemination and education.

Time to respond to the Law Day from 01/10 to 30/11/2017 (peak from 06/11 to 11/11/2017). The member units and all Vinatex staffs need to respond to the Law Day in a practical, effective, focused, unobtrusive manner, ensuring effective use of resources for the public. Law dissemination and education, bringing into full play the core role of judicial agencies in this work.