The development of Vitajean Company for nearly three decades

Starting with just one small workshop, our company has grown to a large scale, including large scale production workshop, modern office with modern and spacious sales system, professional and prestigious.

With a professional, friendly and humane working environment, our company has attracted thousands of employees who have come here to work, have trained a lot of talented young people to work with enthusiasm and passion but no less intelligent and creative.

For the company to go further in future, we have been constantly learning and absorbing the experience to develop more than their product line. Viet Thang Jean Co., Ltd is proud to be the only company specializing in producing and exporting Jean-Khaki costume with the most modern technical with the average production capacity of 8,000,000 to 10,000,000 products per year (including all technical stages such as wash - dye - wrinkle free - crease and create fashion theme, ... according to international quality standards).

 After nearly 30 years of operation, VitaJean has been constantly learning and growing up to now and VitaJean has become one of the leading fashion corporations in Indochina in the field of manufacturing and trading of Denim and Non Denim, Vitajean has placed the logo in many countries in the world as well, including toughest and most conservative place (Japan), the most fashionable market (Europe), the most pragmatic market (USA) and many another country.


Garment ManufacTuring

VitaJean organizes a wide range of Denim and Non Denim products in the US, EU and Japan markets, including we are counseling about sample development directly for sample collection, Vitajean makes sure that would give the most of customer’s requirements on the progress as well as quality.

Sample line: Collections development, make samples according to PO requirements.

Test order: Response to the preparation of bulk production, pilot run and test order production at factories belong to Vitajen company.


  • May: 150,000 products.
  • Wash: Denim 1.5 million products; Non Denim 1.4 million products.

WASH Production (DENIM)

VitaJean sets up the wash factory for its individual lines: Denim and Non Denim, which always meet the latest wash standards, satisfy the maximum requirements of all brands.


The dry process would be set up the production according to specific work groups. Apply the principle of production on a separate line.

Vitajean has the Manager and experienced technicians, who have years of experience in creating high-quality and diversified aesthetic products.


Our wet process has been operated according to the principle of product process. Management and technical staff of the factory are advanced training and they have many years of experience.


The wet process for non-denim is operated separation with Denim. We had equipped all modern machinery and equipment for production. Management and technical staff of the factory are advanced training by Japanese Expert who have many years of experience.


We use the modern anti-wrinkle technology with quality standard 3.5 - 5.0. In addition to the WF products, we also create a line of products based on fabric fixing technology, to meet the diverse needs of customers.