Investment projects

Pioneering technology investment 4.0 in the field of fashion


Industry 4.0 is the current trend in automation and data exchange in manufacturing technology. It includes cyber-physical systems, the Internet, and cloud computing and cognitive computing.

echnological Revolution 4.0

With the trend of global integration in the fashion industry as well as the "Detox 2020" program of the world, VitaJean has actively approached and pioneered the revolution in "Technology 4.0" to replace. for traditional production technology. In order to improve production capacity, innovate products and services, reduce raw material consumption, reduce production and operation costs, and more accurately meet customers' needs.

  Every stage, such as May, Wash, Laser, Wrap, ... are equipped with modern machinery and high quality, ensuring the productivity as well as the quality that customers demand.

Figure: Automatic Garbage Truck.

Automated conveyor system improves space especially saving downtime when workers do not have to stand up to receive and send finished products.

VitaJean's Laser Technology.

The application of Laser Technology to Denim and Non - Denim has helped the product to have aesthetic, almost absolute accuracy, sharp edges and sharp edges, design images on multi products. Rich, fast execution time, reduce production costs. Each product that VitaJean processing ensure the perfect and sophisticated to every detail.

Ozone Technology

VitaJean is very focused on the working environment within the company and outside the society, so has invested in water treatment, recovery and reuse using ozone technology. Besides, VitaJean is also targeting "5 No" technology in production.

  • Do not use traditional bleaching technology
  • Do not use manual grinding technology
  • Do not use chemical spraying technology.
  • Do not use wash stone
  • Especially do not discharge waste to the environment.

Automatic rubbing technology.

Operating machinery.