Viet Thang Jean CO., LTD, abbreviated as VitaJean, was established on June 30, 1988 with small washing machines but great ambition to become the largest Fashion Group in Vietnam, Indochina, and around the World.

At the beginning, the company was small in scale and faced many difficulties in operation, organization of personnel, and establishing relationships with domestic and foreign customers. However, the passion, enthusiasm, and continuous efforts of Mr. PHAM VAN VIET, CEO, and the generations of staffs in the organization, has led the company through many difficulties and accomplished many achievements as of today.

For nearly three decades with ups and downs, our company has accumulated great experiences to serve the development of fashion industry and fashion trends in Vietnam, Indochina and around the World. With the philosophy of choosing Indochina culture as creative inspiration, VitaJean strongly walks toward the World with distinct culture.

Transaction office: 06 Thai Van Lung, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, HCMC

The development of the VitaJean company for nearly three decades

Capturing the trend of Denim & Non-Denim, our company chose this product line (Jean & Kaki) as the main product line for us.

Our company has started with just one small place, and then it has grown to a large scale including 4 large facility, conditioned office, advanced modern machines with luxury, professional and reputable showroom system.

With a professional, friendly and humane working environment, our company has attracted thousands of employees who have come here for working, have trained a lot of talented young people to work enthusiastically and passionately but equally smartly and creatively.

For the company to go further, we have been constantly learning and absorbing the experience to further development our product line. All our activities such as from designing, manufacturing, trading brand to communication system ... although the nature of business is different but we always attach importance to each activity and always look for development in each activity for this field. As we believe that only in the full development of all these areas, the company will be sustainable, fast and far reaching.

Production workshop: 38 Quang Trung, Hiep Phu Ward, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City

After nearly 30 years of operation, Vita Jean has been constantly learning and growing up, and then at present our facility has been in the top 5 leading Fashion Companies in Indochina with the field of manufacturing and trading the product line as Denim and Nondenim, beside that Vitajean has left our mark in many countries in over the World including fastidious market (Japan), the best fashion market (Europe) and most practical market (USA) .

With our mission: To provide perfectly product line of quality, superior act, style pioneer and always different, we believe that in next 10 years VitaJean will become one of 5 leading fashion suppliers in Indochina.

Fashion VitaJean out to the world