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Miss H'Hen Nie and runner Hoang Thuy to visit brand jeans fashion V-SIXTYFOUR


Recently, Miss Universe H'Hen Nie and 1st runner-up Hoang Thuy had a visit to V-SIXTYFOUR high fashion jeans brand - one of the famous jean fashion brands today, and Also the main uniform of the Miss Universe Vietnam 2017.

Miss H Hen Hen, runner Hoang Thuy with Mr. Pham Van Viet and the guests.

At the show, representatives of V-SIXTYFOUR congratulated the winner of Miss H'hen Nie, Miss 1 Hoang Thuy was excellent to Miss and Miss. The journey of conquering the noble title in Miss Universe Vietnam 2017 by Miss H'Hen Nie and Hoang Thuy is an effort, trying to constantly overcome difficulties with energy and inspirational story. Especially being spread very deep.

H'Nen Nie - Miss Universe Vietnam.

Miss H'Hen said, V-SIXTYFOUR is a brand jeans fashion that she loves thanks to the design of the physique and dynamic style she is pursuing. In addition, the community-oriented activities of V-SIXTYFOUR also make a good impression with the new Miss. V-SIXTYFOUR products are manufactured on high-tech, environmentally-friendly production lines and are moderately navigable, suited to the diverse needs of wearers.

Miss H'Hen Niê - Mr. Pham Van Viet, Chairman of the Board - Founder V-SIXTYOFUR.

Miss H'Hen Nie is very happy with the revenue sharing of the community-oriented funds between the Miss Universe Organization and V-SIXTYFOUR. At the end of the program, Miss also thanked the design team of V-SIXTYFOUR for the enthusiastic support that she and other beauties of Miss Universe Vietnam 2017 get the personality jeans , featured in the rounds. She expressed her wish with V-SIXTYFOUR to conduct more community-oriented campaigns in the future.

Runner-up Hoang Thuy.

Interview with Aunt Hoang Thuy, she recognized that she loved the costume denim material youthful, dynamic because it is very suitable with the personality and image that Hoang Thuy is building. When you first heard of V-SIXTYFOUR, you knew that this would be the jeans brand for you.

With the variety of genres and fashion style that V-SIXTYFOUR bring, the Hoang Anh Thuy can confidently mix match and coordinate with many different product line of V-SIXTYFOUR without encountering any. This is also the explanation for her convincing victory in episode 4 "I Style" of the reality show I am Miss Universe Vietnam Miss Universe Vietnam 2017.

Ms. Hoang Thuy and Mr. Pham Van Viet, Chairman of the Board - Founder of the brand V-SIXTYOFUR.

In the introduction of the company V-SIXTYFOUR with the guests at the ceremony, Pham Van Viet proudly shared: "With a team of more than 30 years experience in the international market, V- SIXTYFOUR is confident to bring high quality jeans to young Vietnamese and dynamic. In addition, Mr. Viet also said that there are 7 styles you can find through V-SIXTYFOUR products will be: Retro, Sexy, Chic, Urban, Dressy, Sporty, Punk and 4 main lines. V-SIXTYFOUR is the basics, fashion, style and trend.

At the end of the ceremony, Mr. Pham Van Viet congratulated Miss Universe Vietnam 2017 on the successful conclusion. V-SIXTYFOUR will continue to have the opportunity to accompany the competition in the following seasons: "For V-SIXTYFOUR, 2018 will be a promising year for the industry. V-SIXTYFOUR is carrying out many activities to promote the market, in the immediate future will be a new and modern shop in Van Hanh Mall will be opened in the future.

The starting point is the jeans fashion company with more than 30 years of experience in the garment industry, V-SIXTYFOUR is the first luxury jeans brand in Vietnam. With the design principles to promote freedom and style, V-SIXTYFOUR desire to bring customers the best fashion products with reasonable price.

With a team of over 30 years of experience in international markets, applying environmentally friendly 4.0 technology and imported high quality fabrics from markets such as Japan, Turkey, Hong Kong, Thailand. Lan, ... into their products, V-SIXTYFOUR confidently bring high-quality jean products to young Vietnamese and dynamic.

With modern chain stores, V-SIXTYFOUR is confident to be the reliable address of young people who love fashion in general and fashion jeans in particular. Along with the development of domestic fashion, V-SIXTYFOUR is constantly innovating and reaching out to bring quality denim products to consumers.



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