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Viet Thang Jean (Vitajean) training 5S for all employees of the company


In order to develop the 5S consciousness for everyone in the workplace, to create teamwork, to develop the ability to practice leadership for unit heads and team leaders. At the same time, improve the infrastructure to incorporate 5S techniques into the company. On 08/04/2018 Viet Thang Jean Company (VitaJean) has opened 5S training courses for all staffs at Hoa Lu Secondary School, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh.

The first 5S appeared in Japan starting with "S": Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu and Shitsuke. In different countries, 5S is translated into different words but fundamentally their meaning does not change. In English, 5S is translated into the words Sort, Straighten, Shine, Systemise and Sustain. In Vietnamese, 5S includes: Screening, Sorting, Cleanliness, Care and Willingness:

  1. SEIRI - Selects and removes unnecessary, unnecessary items from the workplace.
  2. SEITON: Arrange for ease of use, always in good condition and not missing.
  3. SEISO - CLEANING: Cleaning and full inspection.
  4. SEIKETSU - PREVENTION: Prevent not to return to the dirty and indiscriminate situation. Maintain good hygiene.
  5. SHITSUKE - READY: Perform 4S on a voluntary and collective basis.

Nowadays, 5S is being widely applied by VitaJean from offices to workshops because:

  • Clean and well-organized workplace.
  • The results are seen by everyone, whether inside or outside the company.
  • Visual results, help create new ideas.
  • People naturally respect discipline.
  • Working conditions in the workshop become more secure and convenient.
  • Everyone is proud of the clean, neat work place.
  • Good image of the company facilitates the development of business.

Photos: 5S class of VitaJean.

At VitaJean, in addition to maintaining and implementing 5S, VitaJan always organizes training courses every year to help staffs understand and apply 5S to the reality of life.

Thanks to the strong commitment and determination of 5S implementation of the leadership as well as all employees, VitaJean has maintained the training as well as 5S activities, making it the foundation for maintaining labor productivity and Improving product quality as well as quality of life.