Recruiting Sales Accountant


A . Job description.

  1. Update, statistics information delivery - goods; quantity, price, type of product,
  2. Inventory details of sales invoices, calculate total daily sales value, calculate monthly / quarterly sales.
  3. Compile tax filings,
  4. Prepare financial statements, reports on profit and loss analysis, business results report.
  5. Managing revenue - expenditure, gathering all accurate, timely sale expenses, actually arising and distributed according to regulations.
  6.  Make bank records, manage assets.
  7. Perform other tasks under the direction of the Head of Brand.

B. Job Request.

  1. Graduated college degree in Finance - Accounting,
  2.  Experienced 1 year or more in sales accounting, general accounting in retail business services companies.
  3. Be independent, intelligent and confident in your work.
  4. Passionate in the field of fashion.
  5. Good Excel and English communication skills.

C. Other information.

  • Degree: College,
  • Age: 22 - 30,
  • Form: Employee,
  • Probationary: Agreed in the interview.
  • Working time: From Monday to Friday,
  • Training opportunities: Advanced Management Accounting,
  • Friendly colleague,
  • Welfare: Good welfare policy,
  • Other allowance: According to Company policy,
  • Holidays: 12 days / year.

Working place: Thai Van Lung Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1