Recruitment Manager Human Resources - Administrative Administration


A.  Job Description

1. Reorganization of Factory 1 - Vitajean

  • Human resource structure according to the new management model (4.0 technology application model)
  •  Training and development of human resources in response to modern technology and new management models
  • Perfecting the policy, regulations of the company in accordance with the environment of restructuring.
  • Organizing, implementing, maintaining, measuring and evaluating human resources
  •  Complete corporate culture and reporting system of P.NS

2.  Organization of the initial set up personnel system and transfer to Factory 2 project - Nhon Trach.

  • Recruitment, training level, technical, management.
  • Organizing the transfer of the frame personnel system to Factory 2
  • Monitor implementation and report to General Manager

3.  Perform other related tasks upon request, as directed by the Director General.

 B. Job Request

  1. Graduated from the University of Human Resource Management and major in Economics and Social Sciences
  2. 5 years experience in Human Resource or Human Resource Manager positions in manufacturing companies with 1000+ employees
  3. Fluency in English and computer literacy.
  4. Under high pressure.

 C. Welfare

  • Salary: 35,000,000 - 50,000,000
  • Laptop
  • Insurance as prescribed
  • Travel
  • Allowance
  • Travel abroad
  • Uniform
  • Reward
  • Health care
  • Educate
  • Salary increase
  • Per diem
  • Seniority allowances
  • Vacation mode